Can I make a wind turbine using a gas generator?

I have access to a small gas-powered generator that can run a few appliances. It doesn’t run anymore, so I was wondering if I could put windmill blades on it. If it is possible to do it, could i plug it right into an outlet and feed power into our system? I know it can’t run the whole house, but it could reduce our elec. bill right?


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  1. Aviator1013 says:

    Mr Tippy is right about the speed issue but you can overcome this by getting an inverter. Most wind turbines run at variable speeds so they use an inverter to convert the "wild ac" current to a usable form normally 240 volt for home systems. These inverters come in many different sizes to match your generator and can be purchased from many of the online green energy supply places. Sunny boy is a popular brand.

    You will also need to figure out how big the blades need to be for your size generator. My wind turbine is 20kw and has a 31 foot diameter blade span. This is huge for a home system and I often get a check from the power company. So you will probably need to research the proper blade size.

    One concern that I would have is the bearings in the generator, are they heavy enough to handle the weight and stress of the blades.

  2. drumsolo44 says:

    a WIND turbine using a GAS generator?

    Is this some kind of joke?

    How can I eat soup with a spoon while using only a fork?

    A wind turbine is powered by the wind
    A gas generator is NOT the wind, is it?

  3. Mr. Tippy says:

    Windmill generators are specialized to generate power at low RPM to take advantage of even the least amount of wind.

    Gas generators are usually designed to generate power at a specific RPM, and the engine runs at that exact speed, so it may not be very useful for wind power.

    Don’t let that discourage you from using wind-power though.

  4. Shy & Adventurous says:

    I have idea. Run extension cord to neighbors house. Plug in leaf blower. Point leaf blower at your windmill. It will save you money.

  5. cabot says:

    theoretically you could, but the wind turbine should be at least 30 feet in diameter to generate enough power for your house. this could be a little noisy for your neighbors.

    consult an electrician and try, good discoveries always originated from experimentation.
    good luck!

  6. Hector K says:

    using a gas generator, impossible, but if you considered making your own wind turbine there is an answer for you:
    Its affordable, and it cuts down on greenhouse emissions.

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