How can I use a windmill to help supplement my electric bill?

I looked into solar panels, but apparently it isn’t worth the money to buy one. Someone suggested a windmill. I have a large three bedroom home and the heating and cooling bill is killing me. Would a windmill work?


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  1. oil field trash says:

    If you can get past the hurdle of having sufficient wind and any local codes or ordinances then it is certainly possible for you to have a wind generator. You can store the electricity in batteries and use a inverter to make AC power for your use.

    Unfortunately it probably won’t provide the kind of relief you are hoping for. If you want to look further you could try some websites similar to this one:

  2. KOTS says:

    Is it windy where you live? Are you even allowed to erect a windmill? I think it would work as long as you can store the power somehow.

  3. quartzschism says:

    Might be better to set up solar hot water panels and store the heat in a water tank. Run your coldwater supply to your hot water heater through the tank to preheat water.

    You could set up a windmill and have it run to an electric hot water heater, when the mill runs, it makes electricity, which heats the elements, heating the water.

    You need to find out if you have enough wind, and if your local codes allow a windmill.

    Cooling: Use the electricity to make ice, then use the ice to cool your home.

  4. David F says:

    Yes, it may work.

    You’ll need some sort of transfer switch or interlock, so that if the utility company needs to work on the neighbourhood lines, they won’t get zapped if your windmill is still connected when they’ve turned off power at their end.

    The other option is to keep the branches inside separate – run your heating & cooling from the windmill, and have a separate service entrance and breaker panel for it.

  5. Douglas L says:

    If it is windy enough and you are allowed to build one then it should work. However it is not likely to save you money. If it was a good idea then lots of people would have them already. I think for would be far better off to spend your money on better insulation, weather stripping and triple pane windows. You might consider getting a high efficiency furnace and maybe a wood burning stove. Rid rid of that second ( old ) frig. They drink electricity.

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