How is hunting related to the wise use of renewable wildlife resources?


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  1. chris w says:

    Hunters and fishermen contribute more in time and money to help restore and sustain wildlife and it’s habitat then any other wildlife organization out there. Hunting is the most cost effective and beneficial method to control populations of deer, elk, wild boar, turkey etc etc. it is because of hunters that elk, turkey, many deer populations, wild boar,etc, ect. have been brought back from near extinction. Without hunting you would see agricultural area’s decimated by over populated wildlife eating up man’s food and then the poor would not have anything to eat.

    Do a little research and you will find many chapters of hunting wildlife organizations that you can get involved with and support. here are a few;

  2. .700 nitro says:

    Animals are self renewing…..and are part of the food chain.

  3. pamplemo1 says:

    Well when an animal is hunted unwisely, that is hunted to extinction, this can have very bad effects on other species. For example… in california seals were once hunted almost to death and their prey the sea urchin took over (ate) the kelp fields and then the fish that lay their eggs in the kelp fields couldn’t keep their young alive so then there were no fish for the bald eagle to eat which then caused the eagle to become threatened and so on… Fun stuff huh?

  4. Al says:

    It’s simple math.

    W+X number of deer (W) on open land (X).

    -W, number that will starve to death because the population exceedes X capabilities of supporting them.

    Z= Reduce population so the X might survive and thrive, and thus not destroying X capabilities of supporting W.

    Our most avid hunter of a president, Teddy Rooseveldt, was the first of his office to set up the National Parks System, and to lay down laws regulating hunting. Since his time, the amount of monies drawn by way of hunting licenses and other related fees have no doubt saved hundreds of species from obliteration. No hunter spent more time and effort to preserve the American Tradition of hunting than did he.

    "If there is no more game, there is a tradition lost. If there is no more game, there is a country spoiled. If there is no more game, there is no more beauty. We must insure that our grandchildren might not only enjoy the spirit of the hunt, but that their great grandchildren will see the majesty of a fine Elk keening his call to his mistress, standing tall in the high forest, his antlers like a banner of freedom."

  5. dumdum says:

    It is by using hunting as a means to control the population of certain animal species to prevent overpopulation and keep the animals from wiping out the available food supply and causing starvation and diseases.Since most animals have no natural predators anymore overpopulation is a real concern. Theodore Roosevelt created a vast area in Texas that would create a sanctuary for the various species of game. There was no hunting allowed in the area.It wasn’t long before the game outstripped their food supply and starvation and disease wiped out the herds of deer that were in the area. It was an awakening moment for game managers.Without natural predators man has to manage the herds.

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