What factors effect the amount of electricity produced from solar panels?

I am doing a report about solar power and I need to know what determines the amount of electricity produced?

example: exposure to sun, angle of panel, quality

please tell me as much as you can
much appreciated


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  1. ericnutsch says:

    irradiance in watts/meter^2 (1000-800w/m^2 depending on air quality)
    COS of angle to the suns rays
    efficiency of the panels (usually about 15%)
    age of the panels(one dead cell can drop an entire panel from the array)
    how dirty are the panels (dust, bird poop, leaves, shading)
    efficiency of the inverter (usually about 90%)

    All of these factors affect the amount of electricity produced. One other consideration is that in areas of extreme hot and cold the band gap of the silicon is changed. Thus in very low temperatures(-20F) the voltage gets higher and the current gets lower. In high temps(110F), the voltage goes lower and the current gets higher.

    If you would like more information on solar electric systems visit:

    Hope that helps!

  2. gp4rts says:

    It depends on what you mean by "amount" of electricity. Normally that would mean the total energy produced over a given period. In that case, the main factors are

    1) Efficiency of the solar cells
    2) Total irradiation received: incident radiation density times the solar panel area, and the angle of the incident radiation.

    Item 1) is determined by the materials and method of construction of the solar cells

    Item 2) depends on the location of the panel, both on earth’s surface (latitude), time of year, and how the panel is oriented with respect to the horizontal. Altitude of the location can also be a factor. Prevailing weather conditions, number of cloudy days, etc. are important. Independent of these parameters, larger area means more electricity.

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