Can solar lights be charged from indoor light or has to be sunlight?


5 Responses to “Can solar lights be charged from indoor light or has to be sunlight?”
  1. matthew says:

    They can be charged indoors but need to be placed in direct bright light (such as under the edge of a end table lamp) in order to charge at a decent rate. It will still take longer than in the bright sun though.

    Edit: If it is the kind that just uses rechargeable AA batteries or similar then they can also be charged in a regular charger outside of the light.

  2. Kat Brady says:

    probably only by sunlight. There are special "chemicals" and catalysts in the sunlight that artificial light cannot have. I’m not sure if that’s relevant, but I do believe that sunlight is the only option. (??)

  3. Karen says:

    Indoor light is OK. in my experience.

  4. Anne Mce says:

    There is nothing special about solar panels that would make them only accept "sunlight." Naturally, it would be extremely wasteful and somewhat silly even to use an electrical incandescent or florescent electrical light to charge a solar fixture. HOWEVER… If you are in a room that is well lit anyway, it would work. I got a new solar lantern recently and left it in my dining room, which gets lots of sun in the daytime; last night, it lit up. However, you probably would need a lot more light charge than a single LED bulb meant to emit "mood lighting."

  5. Alicia Richards says:

    Ann is completely right. Given the "alternative energy" aspect of solar lights it seems a bit funny to have them charged by electrical lighting. Given enough direct and reflected sunlight in a room, they could be charged indoors. The stored charge wouldn’t be as efficient as if they were in full sunlight though. Amorphous solar panels have a bit more sensitivity than ordinary multi crystalline panels in that they charge reasonably well in overcast (or low light) conditions too.

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