Solar lights not working anymore?

3-4 years ago I bought these expensive solar lights. All worked and were very bright. Now after years of being used, some are not lighting. I read online the Rechargeable batteries needed replaced so I bought AA Ni-Mh. The kind my lights needed. Well I put them in the lights that don’t light and I got mixed results. Some of the lights now light again but the others are still dead. These lights are very well taken care of too. They are brought inside for the winter and they haven’t been dropped or anything. I have taken one that doesn’t light apart to see if any wires were disconnected, but they were all fine. I really don’t know what wrong with these lights and they are too expensive too just replace. Any thoughts or tips on how to fix this?
I have also charged the new batteries in a AA charger. When put in the lights though, nothing happens when it gets dark out. It’s not a lack of charge thats the problem.


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  1. Rob E says:

    Usually the rechargeable batteries they are shipped with solar lights are low quality, so it’s good that you’ve replaced them -I’ve had similar issues with some of mine.

    If you’ve put empty new batteries in these lights and they’re not working then they may not be getting charged at all, and so couldn’t power any bulb. So, circumvent this possibility by using standard (non rechargeable) batteries, or charge the batteries elsewhere and then inset them into your non-working lights, to check that the bulbs etc. are working. If you use fully charged batteries this way then you’ll know that the batteries fine and it’s something else, such as dead solar panel, loose wire etc.

    Once you’ve tried fully charged batteries, then it does narrow it down somewhat as to what’s been causing the lack of lighting. It may be that this shows that all’s fine with the bulbs, and that something else is at issue. Check this out first, and inspect all of the visible components to see if anything looks amiss (I realise you take good care of your goods, but something may have been overlooked in the focus upon batteries).

    Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

  2. barbara m says:

    many times these rechargeable batteries aren’t charged when you buy them. If you don’t have one, buy a cheap charger and charge them overnight or during the day before using them. That should take care of the problem. As your other lights start to fail, just recharge those batteries and they should be fine. After awhile these batteries wear out and need to be replaced, but you can usually go a couple or three years before having to replace them. Walmart, Target, and home improvement stores all carry cheap chargers, just make sure to get the one that your type batteries require.

  3. MasterGardner says:

    Most lights demand bulbs to give light; are your so equipped? If so maybe you just need to change bulbs.

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